“It was a freezing cold night in December, 2014 and I was just outside of Denver, roaring through a curve on I-70 West heading towards the snow country lodge in the mountains where my family was, when suddenly…”

I hit a patch of ice on the freeway. It was a long thick patch that instantly caused all four wheels of my car to lose traction. I was doing 65 mph at the time, and so in a flash the car was skidding sideways right off the roadbed, and then it started to roll down a long snow-covered embankment.

And I thought I was dead.

But then Johnny McIntyre of Arvada Towing Services, and Hank Peterson of Towing Service Lakewood Co., appeared like magic on the scene.

It was so strange. Those two guys, who worked for two different tow truck companies in two different Denver suburbs but had been best friends all their lives, had been right behind me on the freeway.

How had they happened to be there? And what would have happened if they hadn’t been there?

I’ll tell you what would have happened: Warren Blair, the founder, owner and operator of the Miami Stress Massage Therapy Center, the fastest growing massage therapy center in the entire state of Florida, would have left this planet that night. I would have died. And all of you, my loyal, wonderful clients who are the readers of this blog, would have had to find someone else to help them bring their stress levels down. Would that have made you sad?

When the car finally stopped rolling I was hanging upside down from my seatbelt, with both my arms broken, and both my legs too. And blood was gushing from a deep vicious gash in my neck.

When Johnny and Hank, sliding down through the snow of the embankment, reached me at the bottom, they saw there was no way to get me out of the wreck.

“Go get the torch!” Hank cried to Johnny.



And as Johnny clambered up the embankment back to his tow truck to get the acetylene torch so that they could cut me out of the car, Hank took a handkerchief from his pocket and reached through the broken window to cover the wound in my neck. And then using both hands he held the makeshift bandage in place.

I wouldn’t have frozen to death that night; I couldn’t have frozen to death that night, because long before the cold could have put an end to me I would have bled to death.

But as it was, I didn’t bleed to death. I am still alive, and it’s all because of Johnny McIntyre and Hank Peterson.

This blog post is a tribute to them, and it’s an announcement to you. I had to tell you about them, because they’re coming down to Florida next week, with their wives, on an all-expenses-paid 7-day vacation provided by the Miami Stress Massage Therapy Center.

 We’re going to have a big party for them at the Center. And I want you all to come. You’ve got to hear their story about what happened that night. Because you know what? They tell that story a lot better than I do.




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